Easy Green Rider Figurine

For the first time anywhere, The Hamilton Collection introduced Kermit the Frog as one "Easy Green Rider". This delightful Muppets Kermit figurine is really hoppin' riding one very fine, tricked-out motorcycle - he's a frog on a hog ! The most popular of all Jim Henson's fun-loving Muppet characters, Kermit has been entertaining folks around the world for more than 25 years. But he's never before been featured atop his own zany motorcycle, and it's easy being green when you're riding this mean machine! Carefully hand-painted finishes add realism to Kermit's hilarious black "leather" biker's cap and blue biker's vest, and really show off his silver and green chopper motorcycle, with its carefully detailed engine, exhaust features, and green flame paint job! Delivers with its own Certificate of Authenticity (this one is N°6153B) Measures 5-1/2" long.

Disponible uniquement aux USA sur le site Hamilton (19,95$ hors frais d'expédition) qui ne livre pas en Europe, cette figurine rare (même sur e-bay), est de très bonne qualité (je l'ai obtenue grâce à un contact aux USA pour 37$ + 15$ de frais d'envoi).
Of course, "made in china".